Tuesday, September 6, 2011


¿Qué tal estáis?

I hope everyone is having a good Labor Day? Is it Labor Day today? Well instead of fun swimming and delicious BBQs Spain holidays are bringing out your María statues and playing scary music and carrying her through the streets. Just a LITTLE different. Anyways But hope everyone is just happy and good and life is great!

Our mission had made a goal to get 300+ baptisms this year. Which in the history of the mission has never been accomplished, but they set that goal. The summer months were slow and difficult, and President Clegg emailed all of us about what we thought about the goal as the missionaries (most of the mission NOW is young and wasn´t there to make the goal). We had a mission wide fast and.....ta da! We found two amazing people. I am amazed how the Lord works. This couple is from Romania, and they´re just awesome. We gave them a Book of Mormon in Romanian and they were just SO EXCITED!! Its amazing how the Lord is really preparing people for us to find. EVEN IN MOTRIL!! (The mission joke which is terrible is "We almost baptize in Motril") Well we´re tired of that. So we´re going to change it. AND!!!!!!!!!!

Which is a huge deal. Its just an amazing blessing for these faithful members. The conditions really are just BAD for the apartment we're meeting in right now. Just not good for a church.

It really was just a great week full of small little miracles. We ran out of food and people invited us to eat. And NO ONE ever invites us to eat. It was just a great week. I am so grateful for all of the little things that happen that we have to be grateful for.

Yesterday I had to translate for an English guy who was on vacation. Oh baby, translating is hard. And then I had to teach 2nd hour so Elder Rodriguez had to translate for that. hee hee hee. Me and Elder Rodriguez are going to go buy ties for Zone conference. That and taking a big nap are the highlight of our P-Day.

Bad news- my eyes are getting worse. Its getting hard to read on pages and on the computer. But that's life. I´m not running around blind or anything.

Other strange news- I´m really starting to like fútbol a lot. Who would have known? Everyone watches futbol and we see it everywhere. Its crazy. I even have a TEAM??? Its so crazy!!! And I have RIVAL teams too! ahhhhh

BTW- Barcelona is WAY better than Real Madrid ¡Barça!

Well I don´t know what else to write. I cut my hair...that's exciting. The work is going really good. I´m feeling a lot more positive. My English is getting worse and worse. I kept forgetting words while I was translating. Oh my. Me and Elder Rodriguez talk in a really bad Spanglish, most of our "yelling" (we don´t really yell) is in Spanish.

I love Elder Rodriguez, he´s da best.

Happy Birthday to everyone in September. Family and cousins and friends. I love you all. I´m sorry I´m a really bad letter writer.


Elder Kirkham

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