Monday, August 1, 2011

What its August? Where did July go? Yikes. Life goes by so so so so fast. This week came out of no where. WOW.
Well here´s just a fun little story for you. One of the families we are teaching (Mom, daughter 11, daughter 7) we decided to do something fun for the daughters (and us). We gathered a bunch of random old sheets and ties and we bought a play sword from a chino (basically a dollar store) and we wrapped a Book of Mormon in Tin foil...what purpose did we have in doing all of this?.....
We reenacted the story of Nefi getting the plates from Laban. its was so fun. The two daughters were Nefi and Laman and I was Lehi and Elder Rodriguez was Laban. We had ordered a little story book of the Book of Mormon for them and we read out of that while we acted it out. It was so funny. Wrapped in sheets and pillow cases and ties wrapped around our heads for head bands. Oh I love being a missionary. Then we sang for them and the Mom started to tear up. And then we knelt down and she just Started praying!!!!! Its was amazing. She never wants to pray. Music truly has an amazing power to touch our hearts. (and having fun too) That was a fun story from this week.
Motril is crazy. Every night/morning at about 1:30 some jovenes (youth) come and ring our doorbell. So so annoying. It always scares me because I´m either asleep of just about to fall asleep. Oh I´m having sleeping problems again. I´m so so tired in the day. And I CANNOT sleep at night. But that's not news.
The work goes on. As always. I´m so so so jolly happy. I sometimes also get so so so frustrated, but that always passes quickly and back to jolly happy. A lot of people don´t like us, but there are also people who I just love and who do anything for us, and us for them. We get so so so SO many tomatoes. Two people we teach sell tomatoes and always give them to us. We pass most of them on to our Branch President and his wife is SO happy. President LOVES that I play the piano (teeny keyboard) but he just loves it.
It is SO SO Humid here. We sweat a lot. I shower sometimes 3 times a day because you get so sweaty. I love my life so much. I just feel so blessed every day. We have Zone conference next week. We are waiting for new phones and new DVD PLAYERS!!!! I´m so excited. They´re to watch the new Preach my Gospel DVD´s for us. I hope we can take them to lessons as well. We are so excited. In a few weeks I´ll be going back to Sevilla to pick up my Residency card. I can travel anywhere in the European Union with that card...and my Visa is Expired, yikes. I´m excited to see Sevilla again but its going to Be so hot there.
I love you all so much. Happy Birthday Mom. Happy Birthday to all My loved ones in August. I love you all.
Keep smiling. Eat chocolate. Go swimming. Go to Church. (The important things in life)
I love you all
Elder Kirkham

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