Monday, August 15, 2011

This week went...where? It went by so fast. Ahhhhhhh

By the way, Elder Solari, one of the traveling missionaries who just went home to the Lincoln stake, is the missionary who you´re talking about. His name is Elder Solari (no idea his first name) but he´s awesome (BTW)

This week (as usual) has been hard. Also so nice and lovely. I had to call the Medical missionaries but don´t worry I´m fine. Just a little sick. All is well. And thank you to good medical missionaries.

I found out that this family in Sevilla that we taught and prayed for SO HARD is getting baptized!!!!!!! Yay!!!! I love them so much! (I sent Rachael a picture of them a few weeks ago) I´m so excited. Also I´m going to Sevilla on Wednesday. Unfortunately I won´t have time to see them, but still exciting.

I was a little frustrated this week because we were trying so hard to get in contact with SO many people but of COURSE, the Feria was in town. It seems like there's always SOMETHING that makes it hard. I can´t just always blame the Feria. After a week of a lot of sadness and getting turned down, we today on our P-day, were able to set up some lessons. And both of them were just great. I feel so grateful and so humble to be a small part in the hand of the Lord.

One of those families-we sang for them- she was touched so deep, she asked if we could record it for her. jaja. We told her we would order the discs for her. So after a HARD week, we received the blessings, well THEY received the blessings which are blessings to us.

I don´t know what else to type. I seem to be always on a roller coaster. I wish I could be more grateful for the Lord´s blessings every day. I need to remember to be patient. I need to remember that I´m not a perfect missionary, and I don't have to be PERFECT. I keep beating myself up for not being the BEST missionary EVER! because I´m not baptizing left and right. Its such a dumb fight I have inside. but its your life as a missionary. In his letter, president told us not to make our memories of our missions painful ones. I think that's the key. If I know I´m trying my hardest even if it seems like there´s no "success" that our efforts are ALWAYS worth it. And they are.

What a blessing to be a missionary of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a blessing that He gives me the opportunity to grow MYSELF in the gospel. I love being a missionary.

I´m glad everything is going well. Sorry for the short letter. I love you all. My prayers are with you all. I´m so happy for Craig, All of the blessings that we receive.

Love you
Elder Kirkham

August 9, 2011

Querida Mamacita y familia y amigos
¡Jolín! What a week.
Thursday we went on splits here in Motril (which I guess are fun and helpful but they always stress me out so much preparing and CLEANING UP!!!) There were 6 Elders in our piso that has 2 beds....? Then early early Friday morning it was off to Málaga for Zone Conference!!! I got to see some old friends and companions. I love Zone Conference so so much.
Then late Friday night we got back and cleaned the piso for the traveling ayudantes. Saturday I felt sick SICK sick. Then Saturday night LATE the traveling ayudantes arrived- two awesome missionaries who go around with all the companionships for a few days and just help. They´re really just awesome. Motril was their last area in their ENTIRE MISSIONS!! Needless to say they pulled out all the stops. The 4 of us, in less than 2 days, found over 50 contacts! Its sad to see them go home but really happy for them and for their amazing help!
Yesterday no P Day because they were here. This morning district meeting then this afternoon we took our "P-Afternoon" we slept for a few hours. Sleeping on couches for the last few days is NOT fun. So it was well deserved and needed. Also yesterday I received a lovely lovely letter which made the heat so much more bearable. Thank you all for being WAY better than I at writing letters. And there were some fishy stowaways in one (thank you Jana)
Oh and Erika-I´m really feeling the name Flint for the Banjo. I like it best.
Tonight we are going to eat Kebab which is the most delicious thing ever!!!!! Sometime in the next few weeks I´ll go back to Sevilla but my old companion won´t be there! He got moved to the office. So me and old Elder Walton (old Sevilla companion now in Málaga) will just probably go together and pick up our European Union Card! How exciting! Especially since my visa is expired. Well I think so. And we´ll just have a fiesta or something.
Well me and Elder Rodriguez have un Montón of people to call and pass by. Missionary work is just really awesome. And I love people who give us water. Its just us again in Motril now.
I hope everything is going well. Jennifer and Stuart and family I love you guys. I hope everything is going well. Daniel-do well in school. 7th grade? ¡Jolín tio! You´re so old! Craigery have fun work hard at UVU enjoy the lovely Utah desert for me (who knew I would miss Utah?) Andy and Rachael have fun and love your chillens-I hope Abe gets to be not so scaredy pants. Sharlene and JT don´t freeze this winter. I hope Kaylin gets some hair soon. I love you guys.
Padres-I hope Alaska is lovely and not so cold. Good job Mom for getting the slides done! I´m glad you got to relax in your new chair. Dad- you´re such a good husband.
Well I don´t have much else to say. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. My prayers are with you ALL. I love you all so much. I love these people here in Spain. I just want to tell you that God answers our prayers. He always hears our prayers. I KNOW that. Sometimes He lets us wait and show a little faith, but after we show our patience, the blessings are ALWAYS sweeter. Like homemade ice cream. You gotta work and churn A LOT and your arms get tired- but oh baby there's NO better taste or satisfaction. The atonement is REAL and Christ knows exactly what we need and when we need it most. I love my Savior. He lives.
Keep smiling. Better times ahead always ¡Qué maravillosa es la vida! ¿No?
I love you all.
Elder Kirkham
p.s. BYU friends please send me your new addresses if you haven´t (I´m such a bad letter writer. I´m so sorry)

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