Monday, August 29, 2011


I´m a tired blob of a missionary right now. Well a tired missionary. This week has also been full of our own little hardships but with the tender mercies of the Lord as well.

I don´t have a lot to report. Elder Rodriguez has been stomach sick this week. Being sick with the heat is hard. A few days we stayed in for a few hours because it got so bad. Poor guy. But it was a good week over all.

A lot is going on on the homefront, know that my prayers are with all of you. I know that the hard times come but God has a purpose in everything. That's something that I too am learning "the hard way". I just love you all and hope literally for the best and happy times to come.

I ordered the D&C DVDs a few weeks ago. We´ve been watching them during our medio dias. They are just awesome. We watched the Joseph Smith movie a few days ago. I Love that movie. I was so surprised when I found it was on the DVDs because the church hasn´t published it separately.

I´m starting to read the Old Testament. Mostly because everyone here is crazy and don´t understand it and only know what their churches have told them. And they all have crazy ideas and change the stories and really have NO idea who ANYONE is or what they did. So I´m reading it (And Jesus the Christ and the Book of Mormon and D&C) I´m crazy! But its great. We also teach Sunday School so we´re teaching from the New Testament. So I´m basically reading everything. I had no idea how much after the 4 gospels that I never knew. So its crazy trying to teach it in Spanish and learn it myself. Mission life is always a crazy party. And a lot of people here are just plain ignorant of the scriptures. It sounds harsh but don´t argue with me over the Bible if you have no idea what happened. Its super frustrating. But its life. I usually just laugh because the crazy lies they´ve been told are just ridiculous. Oh well. It reminds me of when Andy found the "10 commandments" in that gift shop or wherever it was. loco

We´ve found a few new people this week and have been able to teach them. Its crazy how much we were able to get done with so much time inside with Elder Rodriguez sick. All I know is that we received a LOT of heavenly help this week.

My Spanish is getting pretty good. I had a member convinced that I was from Madrid. Granted her first language is Portuguese but her Spanish husband agrees if he had just talked to me in passing he would have though I was Spanish. YES! Victory. jaja Its just nice to hear that, it boosts me up a bit. If my hair was darker I could totally pass off for a Spaniard (not really).
I´m starting to work on the Andalucían accent. Its a LOT harder to imitate.

Next week we´re going more north to a conference with H. David Burton. I Think I already told you this. We live in such a random secluded place that we have to get picked up by the assistants in their car. Oh well. The closest missionaries are an hour away. Sometimes we really feel like the only missionaries in Spain!

I don´t know what else to say. There's delicious pastries and Kebab, mmmmmm, and delicious bread and gross milk, and good fruit and crazy people and a lot of beer, and a lot of olives, and tomate frito, and good cheese and a lot of gypsies and cigarettes. And that's Spain for ya. There's really a TON of foreigners here. A lot of Romanians. And I love it so much. My only complaint is that the milk tastes gross, and it has a shelf life of about a year, yes the milk, no joke you do not buy it refrigerated. But other than that its good.

Well I love you so much. prayers are with you. Life is great.

Elder Kirky

August 22, 2011

What? This week marks 6 months as a missionary!!!!!? Where did the time go? AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Elder Rodriguez and I have been working crazy to find all of these people. Crazy! The Summer time in a seaside town is a difficult setting for missionary work but just lovely is the work. This lovely lovely Family that weŕe teaching is doing so well. We always sing for them after our lessons and they just love it! Weŕe working so hard with them to get them to church (which is EVERYONEŚ problem in Motril)

Its sad but I don't know HOW the branch here is still open. I don't say this because I wish it would happen. There is a handful of FAITHFUL FAITHFUL Saints who live in Motril but the priesthood holders are US and the branch president (whoś calling isn't going to last forever) but obviously God has some greater plan. I love this little branch so much. It really is just like going to church with just your family. I hope we can find those that the Lord is preparing to come join us. :D

The work is not exempt from disappointment and heartache. But we can't focus on that. If we have the Lord on our side we can do anything!!!! But Iĺl just tell you whatś going on.

Saturday was really hard for us. We had spent all week trying to get in contact with so many futures, we were using SO much of our phone allowance to do this. We had set up a few lessons but they all fell through, without any forewarning to us. I had spent ALL DAY Wednesday traveling to and from Sevilla to get my residency card (thank goodness that all went good, I am legally allowed to be here) we were both tired, it was hot. But I had so much to be grateful for. For the amazing things happening at home, and I was sad I wasn't there to share in them directly. So we decided to visit one of the members. Mama Toñi se llama.

She always gives us REALLY good food. (She was a chef before she retired) She gave us her good homemade Spanish food, and we just talked about families, hers, our, why families are so important. I told her about Craig and How happy I was for him and It really helped me out a lot. She always has the perfect MOM advice. I really wanted to give you a big hug mom but I felt how much you loved me, and how much God loves me. Life is wonderful, and the hard times just makes us love the great times even more.

In a few weeks Bishop Burton is coming to the mission (WHOLE MISSION) and President Clegg called me to ask me to conduct the music for the meeting. Its such a small little thing and not like I can Conduct a few hymns better than any other missionary anyways, but I'm sure he knew just the asking me to do it would make me happy. And it did. Nice to feel wanted.

Elder Rodriguez and I were thinking a lot in the midst of seemingly little success, about Christ. (Iḿ reading Jesus the Christ right now too) I think about Jesus Christ the PERFECT teacher and person, who in the view of numbers or converts, didn't have a lot. His atonement made it possible for everyone to gain eternal happiness, but still we have to ACCEPT it. Thinking about it, although it SEEMS like we aren't having "success" in Motril weŕe still doing the Lordś will. We are inviting people to come unto Christ and USE the atonement. If they want to accept it, its not our choice or responsibility, but we do EVERYTHING WE CAN for these people so THEY can decide. Then this week I was talking to President and I asked him, "Are we doing anything wrong?" he said "No, ya just gotta keep going and serving".

I Love these people so much. I love them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help and serve them. I love you. Family, friends, I just love you all. I was talking with President Clegg a few weeks ago, I told them how much I LOVED these people and was so sad when they want nothing to do with us, he just told me jokingly, "Elder, you just want World Peace, doncha" I laughed and said "yes I do".

Iḿ not the perfect missionary, but perfection is my goal. Iḿ sometimes too hard on myself, and seem to focus on the negative things more than the positive, but I am SO Happy. SO HAPPY!!!!! IḾ SCREAMING FROM JOY!!!!! The mission is just great. What a great opportunity.

I Hope everyone is seeing happiness and blessings in their lives. There's always ALWAYS things to rejoice about.

Love you all. Keep Smiling. (I've cut chocolate out of my diet but YOU can keep eating it) Love the NOW.

Elder Kirkham

Also to those moving (college mostly) or if you're not moving, please send me your addresses. I just LOSE everything. Please send them to me, I want to send you a letter. Friends in School I have NO IDEA where you live. Sorry. Please send me your address EVEN if you haven't moved.

Love again


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