Monday, July 25, 2011

Well we´re IN our 5th week. I don´t know where all the time has gone. Where is it going? I don´t know. I passed 5 months on the 23rd. WOW!!!!! WHAT? How did that happen. I´m almost at hermana time now (18 months-joke) But seriously I don´t know where all the time is going.

Motril is really a beautiful town. La Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) is beautiful Mediterranean (I can´t spell) coast line. We went to a nearby city for District meeting on Tuesday and had to wait an extra hour for our bus so we went to this overlook point to the Sea and it really was beautiful.

It seems wherever I go I always make friends with homeless people. And I love them. I met this man from England who was traveling around Spain. We talked to him a few times while he was here. It's so interesting some people´s view points of the world. Its sad to hear people say there is no love in the world. I´m sad for them. He asked us to pray for his liver to hold up til he gets up North (jaja). We told him we would.

Also theres this woman who sleeps outside of our building and one night we said hi to her and she showed us these GIGANTIC pair of scizzors she carries to protect herself and she made stabbing motions at pretend attackers. Then just cackled and we ran inside. Oh how I love these people.

There's also something TERRIBLE that happens in Motril during the summer time. When Spaniards are hungry-they can´t pray!!!!!! (I hope you are all getting my sarcasm) Really we were told so many times by people that they couldn´t pray because they were hungry??? What?? We both just kind of laughed we didn't know what to say, so we just prayed instead and tried not to laugh. That is one of the funniest excuses I´ve heard.

Oh ya we go over every other day to this member´s house, he has some mental problems and LOVES when we come over. But we went over one night this week and he was watching the News and I have NO IDEA whats going on in the World. What happened in (was it Denmark?) some northern country. Bombings and attacks. And there's HUGE riots in Spain right now. I doubt they´ll come to Motril but there's a giant protest in Madrid right now that's going around Spain. Yikes. Missionaries and Protests are NOT a happy couple.

Oh and someone tried to steal my favorite pen this week. We were walking to our branch President's house one morning and these two guys came out of a bar DRUNK (it was 11:30 in the Morning) and they stopped us and were bothering us. We the courteous missionaries politely tried to tell them we had to go but they wouldn´t stop bugging us. Then one of the guys reached into my pocket and took my FAVORITE PEN!!!!!! Because he liked it and as missionaries we are supposed to give our stuff to other people to get them to join our church. Oh the polite missionary left. (I tolerate drunk people very little if they harass us). In Spanish there are two ways to talk to someone. In a polite "usted" form that we are taught to talk to people as representatives of Jesus Christ. There's also the street, regular form "tu" which is more used. So I started yelling at him in "tu" form and told him in not the kindest way that he had to give me my pen and I didn´t have time for him to be stupid. Then I grabbed my pen and left. Sometimes Spaniards just need a good slap in the face. (I didn´t slap him)

There are just a few more funny moments that happened this week. There are always annoying kids that yell at us and bug us--its just part of the job. What a job it is. I love being a missionary. It really is the best thing I´ve ever done, and COULD do as a 19 (almost 20) year old. I´m scared for the rising generation in Spain. There is really NO respect here. Not only that kids don´t respect us, but they don't respect their parents, and leaders, and teachers, and random old people on the street and public property and THEMSELVES. Its sad.

This week has had AMAZING blessings and very sad heartbreaks and disappointments, but its always like that. Its so very sad to see someone progressing seeing their lives change, seeing THEM change physically spiritually, everything going amazing and then just stop at turn back around. Its so very sad. I have no words to explain it, but I´ve thought a lot about the Savior. He, the perfect Son of God, went about teaching, doing miracles, being the PERFECT missionary and people still rejected Him. And me, the very imperfect missionary, running around Motril trying to teach people and talk to them about the Gospel and feeling the same heartache, except my sacrifice is nothing in comparison. Truly I find comfort in the Savior.

I know our Savior lives. I know He loves us. I love Him. I (the silly kid with a nametag) am on His errand. He takes us and makes us better than we can by ourselves. The trials are hard, but trials are just Him telling us that He knows we´re ready to grow. I Love my Father in Heaven and I pray for these people every day. I love the crazy people of Spain. Oh my they are CRAZY!!!!!!

I love you all and pray for you all too. Thank you for all your prayers and letters and love.

Elder Kirkham

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