Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh my what a week. I think I say that every email.

This week was hard on me. But as always just awesome. Yesterday I was sick. I think it was from lack of water mostly. But we left our piso after medio dia and I just felt SICK SICK SICK. Cold sweats stomach pains. I felt like I was going to faint. But I made it through.

Last week seemed like we walked and walked and walked and walked. Almost ALL of our lessons fell through (downside of having the playa so close). I got frustrated but it was still a good week. We mainly visited members. That was nice. It was a crazy crazy week though. I think I have about 4 blisters because we WALKED so much. Oh and there's this one member from Brasil (oh her Spanish is hard to understand) but she just LOVES me. jajaja she´s CRAZY.

Today me and my companion are going to watch the Joseph Smith movie in the capilla. We just learned that its on the Church´s website!!!!!! We were so excited. Nothing else planned. We both need a quiet day. We need it bad.

Its amazing to see changes in people´s lives. Honestly amazing. What blessings and miracles we see every day. We had SO SO SO many people in church yesterday. It was GREAT!!!!! We were so happy.

This week we also went to one of our little pueblos (just little cities that are in our branch boundaries) We walked around for over an hour and found NO ONE home and NO ONE in the streets. We walked back to the bus stop and watched the waves of the Mediterranean while drinking poweraid (yes we found it randomly)
I can´t brag that I´ve been in the Mediterranean but I´ve SMELLED it. So that's about as much I can do as a missionary. Still haven´t seen Africa. Although I did see KIND of the shadow while I was in Malaga. But oh well.

It´s so fun to hear all the fun stuff you´re doing at home. I´m glad you all got to have a fun week. I miss you all but I´m having my own adventures here. In two years we shall have to enjoy all of the fun festivities of summer.

Not a lot to say this week but life is good. Life is great. I love Andalucíans so much. They´re completely insane. Honestly think of my big fat greek wedding and that's what I get to enjoy EVERY SINGLE DAY. (sometimes enjoy isn´t the right word jaja) But seriously I love these crazy people so much. They´re crazy like me.

Well have a wonderful wonderful week. All of you

Elder Kirkham

oh I found out that my investigator in Sevilla got baptized!!!!!!!

Jill- I laughed really hard at your letter and the fact that its printed on the back of some physiology worksheet that I didn´t understand at all
Alexis- EMAIL me when you get your call, I can´t email back but I can get them from you. I´m so excited for you!

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