Sunday, July 10, 2011


My first transfer in the beautiful town of Motril. It hasn´t even been a week yet and it feels like the longest MONTH of my mission. I have no other transfer to base it off of, but this has been a HARD week. HARD HARD week. A dark lonely hard week. Its been hard to have faith, hard to have hope, just hard.
There is a branch here in Motril, the branch president´s name is Pres. Izquierdo. Yesterday at church there was Presidente Izquierdo, Hna. Izquierdo, Elder Rodriquez, Elder Kirkham, Encarnación, and Celia. 6 people were at church. Total. I just started crying. I had no idea what to do or say. I just cried. Then I bore my testimony-along with everyone else, but then something happened. I kept crying but not because I was sad. These members were SO SO grateful for their little apartment chapel. They were so grateful that they had somewhere to go to church. They were so grateful that they COULD go to church, that they were free to worship how they WANTED to. I just couldn´t stop crying. I seem to be crying a lot in this little town.
There's about 60 members on the member list. About half of those have told missionaries to never come by, and about 12 members total have been off and on coming to church for YEARS. The last baptism in the area was a year ago. The last Sunday he came was when he was confirmed. In just the last year there have been TONS of natives, and an assistant to the president, just awesome AWESOME Elders, and the work just isn´t showing fruit. I feel so overwhelmed. Honestly its hard to KEEP having faith in the work. I know that we can have success here, but I´m not going to lie and say its easy. This is the hardest thing I´ve ever done. I just cry every night. I´ve been thinking too much about home, thinking too much about myself. But it is HARD. I shouldn´t complain but I´m just being honest. I wanted to go home on Saturday. I´m struggling. I´m struggling in Motril.
I know the gospel is true. I KNOW. I KNOW the Book of Mormon is REAL SCRIPTURE. That God loves us and we have prophets today. I KNOW these things. And I stay here because I KNOW these things. I Stay here where we get rocks thrown at us, and people laugh at us, and yell, and fight to do EVERYTHING they can do to put us and the Book of Mormon down. But I KNOW. ok. Don´t ANY of you have any doubts that Elder Matthew Joseph Kirkham KNOWS these things are true. I´m just me. But I´m here. There's no more fence sitting. There's no more easy living the gospel. It wasn´t easy for the early Saints but they did it.
But I love Motril. I Don´t know what this email sounds like because I´ve experienced too many emotions writing it. But this is how I feel. I´ve been as real and honest as I can be. This truly is Christ´s work, and saving souls is not easy. But I love Motril. I love all of you. I´m sorry if I don´t write a lot, I TRULY am sorry for those who have sent me so many MANY great funny amazing letters and I don't write back. I´m SO SO sorry I don't write back. But I love you. And you are so so important to me. Family friends, I love you so much. Be so so grateful for our blessings. We have so much. There are so many people here that have nothing.
Have hope as I have more hope. I will and do have more hope here. Be grateful and HAPPY :D ¿vale?
A big grand 'ol hug to all of you (imagine me in an American Flag jump suit, giving you all hugs on this wonderful 4th of July) Be grateful for our independence and how LONG we´ve had our independence. Spain has not had independence for very long.
Always be happy

I found the most delicious chocolate chip cookies today at the grocery store. it was a 4th of July miracle.
Be greatful for your chocolate chip cookies ¿vale?
Love Elder Kirkham
And Enjoy your 4th of July!!!!!! Happy Independence day AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! (I miss the USofA)

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