Monday, June 20, 2011

This week has been a trial of my patience. Oh my. But an awesome one as well. One of the best in my mission so far.
Stress news first then happy news. I am slightly going crazy. I LOVE Sevilla. I love the people we teach, I love my companion, but all of them have been trying my patience.
Sevilla is HOT (really not that big of a deal, just really hot) and everyone in Sevilla is leaving soon(let me explain). Everyone and their dog (literally) leaves for the playa (beach) during the summer. So there's only old people who never leave their pisos. But still that's ok. Its just hard to meet with investigators when they're not in Sevilla. Again not a HUGE deal, just trying my patience. Then my companion. I love him, I just sometimes get annoyed. The good thing is we work good together, there's no problems there, just a little eye twitch at breakfast or during planning or something like that. But there we go there's the news.
Now the exciting. We´re getting a NEW ROOM for gospel principles class. There was physically not enough room in our class yesterday and we´re moving into the chapel over flow. Which is ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡AWESOME!!!!!!!! so awesome.
Also we have peanut butter!!!!!!!! Its a miracle. I swear its the only place in Sevilla that sells peanut butter. I´m so happy. And our new piso is amazing. First of all it has air conditioning, its clean, there's no mold, no cucarachas, no pee getting thrown on us from our neighbors-its great!!! And our Bishop gave us Root Beer from the military base that's in our stake. Its GREAT! What a great week.
Spain is awesome. I´m so excited to come back with you guys (hint hint). But seriously just the places I´ve been so far I want to show you all of it. And I still have 20 months worth of Spain to see!!!!!! We go to lots of pueblos (towns) that are technically in our ward boundaries. They´re amazing. Just White WHITE houses up on the side of a mountain, looking over HUGE green fields. Its AMAZING.
Alright focus.
Also this is the last week of the transfer. Which is sad, because I am most likely leaving. But I just keep telling myself that the Lord knows where I need to be WAY better than I do. It will be sad to leave though and not see the baptisms we´ve been working towards. But the work goes on. I love these people so much.
Good things about Spain
jumbo duplos (delicious candy like a really sweet strawberry licorice covered in sugar)(not like twizler)
Old ladies who want to give you kisses (besitos)
all the black people from Africa (chocolate)
the culture
a drink called gaseosa (really sweet seltzer water)
the awesome people
Undesirable things about Spain
hoochy viper clothing during the summer -yikes
all the chlorine in the water
dog droppings EVERYWHERE
lack of peanut butter
really disturbing picture of Jesus outside our door (we want to change it to a happy one)
hoochy posters of hoochies
lack of clothing
alright I love you all
I love Spain as well
Happy Fathers Day Dad and grandpa and STUART!!!
Happy Birthday Daniel and others with their birthdays
Love you all
Elder Kirkham
I really am loving life

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