Monday, June 6, 2011

Hola. Here's a Mass ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! to June

Well, what a week its been. I´ve been on 4 intercambios this week. Both of the AP´s, Elder Stanley yesterday (he lives with us) and Elder Walton today (his companion). You learn a lot when you´re with other companions.
I never know what to say. Right now there are some Romanians yelling across the room. That's exciting. I understand now why missionaries seem to write less and less as their mission progresses. You just get used to it. You get used to talking to crazy people every day. Crazy experiences. Awesome Experiences. You get so used to it, it just becomes your life. Its getting harder to remember my old life (before the mish). I´m so used to being a missionary.
We´ve been planning a musical fireside this past week, about the life of the Savior. We´re putting our extra time into that. We´ve been fallared a lot this week. (fallared: real spanish verb fallar which means to fail, with English -ed ending) There's A LOT of Spanglish going on in our vocabulary.
We always sing Hercules in our piso. But we don´t know all the words. So if someone would be so kind to email me the words to the first song that the muses sing "gospel truth" as well as the "who put the glad in gladiator" song; I would love them forever (truthfully). I´m finally buying some more stamps today. So I get to send the giant pile of letters I have. Yay!!! and sorry I´m so lazy.
There was an hermana here who wrapped up a chocolate bar and put a stamp on it just to see if the Correos would send it. And they did. So I wonder if they ACTUALLY weigh the letters.
We had SO many people at church yesterday. Still no baptisms but there are so many READY to be baptized. It's just little things that are stopping them. Getting married, finishing a doctorate thesis (not little), getting permission from mom, etc. But wonderful things are happening in Sevilla. The gospel is as hot as the weather.
I probably will be leaving Sevilla next transfer, almost positive. They want to consolidate .....there's an old Spanish woman smiling at me....they want to consolidate our area to just 2 Elders instead of 4 and just have the zone leaders in our ward and the hermanas in the other ward. And seeing as I WILL NOT be zone leader WILL NOT be zone leader, I´m leaving. So that's sad. I´ve been working so hard with all these people. I love them so much.
We had this OLD OLD lady feed us yesterday. Oh my yuck! She gave us this meat, which she started off by saying "I don´t like it but I made it for you". Its the "meat" off of a pig's neck, so basically ALL FAT. Oh my I was gonna throw up. But the bread was delicious.
We also now have a group of students from UVU doing a study abroad in Spain and they're going to be in our ward for the next month. It makes me feel good because my Spanish is WAY better than theirs. But I love Sevilla.Its crazy to think, woah!!!! you're in one of the most famous cities in Europe right now!!! while your walking down the street.
A woman told us that lots of old people die during the summer every year. I hope this old lady (her name is Angelita btw) I hope Angelita doesn't die this year.
Today is going to be a pretty low key day. Got to buy some stuff. I´m gonna cut my hair for the first time since the CCM (its kind of long) and we´ll eat some really good food.
There's this stuff called Tomate frito that's what they eat with pasta here. Oh my gosh I LOVE it so much.
I love being a missionary. We STILL haven´t moved. Oh ya, the Senior couple in charge of medical and health stuff inspected our piso and told us we can´t live there and are surprised we´re not SICK from all the Mold growing. So, love you all.
Daniel keep loving scouts while you still can!!!!!
Oh and I had the best Ice cream of my life this week
And I really would like those Hercules lyrics
Love you all
Elder Kit-Kat (that's what everyone calls me now, yes the chocolate candy)

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