Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow. Oh boy has it been hot. Except today its raining? What?
Strange things are afoot in Sevilla Spain. There have been a lot of student protests lately. We´ve walked into 2 in the last week and a half. Hmmmmmm I really don´t know what to write today.
Yesterday we received a reference at Church. A man from the other ward came up to us and asked if we could visit a woman is the hospital. She had just given birth, but her child was born still born. He said she was just devastated. But she told him that two missionaries had talked to her in the street and told her that they would call her, but never did. And now she wanted those missionaries to come talk to her. What a humbling experience. This woman who had just gone through so much, what I would imagine one of the hardest things to go through in this life, and she ASKS for the missionaries (2 young immature kids) to come talk to her. This work is SOOOOO much more than two 19 year olds walking around talking about Jesus. This is the Lord´s work.
His plan for us is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Preach my Gospel says that Our trials do one of two things. Bring us closer to God, or farther away from Him. I think how dumb I´ve been. How easily I can get mad at God for DUMB things, and this woman she asks for Him.
When we came she told us that the missionaries gave her a card that said, "La fe trae esperanza" "Faith brings hope". She still remembers that simple simple phrase. But that phrase holds so much meaning. Its true. Faith brings hope in spite of everything. I just cry thinking about this woman. I could hardly keep from crying in the hospital yesterday.
If there's ONE thing that I want from my mission with these people of Spain, its that these people know how much I LOVE them. I LOVE them ALL. I can´t help but love them.
I don´t know what else to type. Know that I am SOOOOO Supremely HAPPY!!! Know that I love these people here in Spain. Know that I love you all and I PRAY for you all. You are all so important. Don´t EVER EVER forget how IMPORTANT you ALL are to ME and to God. NEVER EVER EVER (I¨M YELLING NOW) NEVER!!!! Forget.
I love you all. I´m sorry I am such a terrible letter writer. But I think of you all.
Elder Kirkham

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