Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 23, 2011

Wow. Last week we went to the Catedral. WOW. Amazing. I can´t believe I´ve been here a MONTH!!!!!!!! That's SOOOO crazy. I can´t send pictures on this computer I wish I could. This week has been amazing!!!! We´ve met so many people. Sevilla has 9 baptismal fechas!!!!!! Not bad for 6 missionaries in Europe. And we´re aiming towards more. Its the BEST reward EVER to see how the gospel changes people´s lives. WOW.
One of our investigators is doing her doctorate in Biology. (wow) She is SO intelligent. And she asked us to come over and translate something from English that she wants to use (yikes) luckily I have a companion who has been speaking Spanish for a year. So while they translated, I sat on the couch talking to her husband who is AWESOME. He´s a history teacher and he LOVES music. He showed me all of his music collections, we discussed languages, art, he had me read the poems he wrote in college. jaja. It was so Cool. It probably sounds really dorky but it was exactly the little burst of my old life that I needed to keep me going. He was so cool. He gave us some cd´s with Bach´s organ works on it (I told him I learned to play the organ) and it was so cool. He´s this awesome guy but the past elders just didn´t click with him so well. They´re such a cool couple. And they told us we can use their beachfront home in Columbia if we´re ever down there. They live in the nicer suburbs of Sevilla by the way.
I found one of the coolest black ladies as well. And life is awesome. There's really not much else to say. About me BUT...
Jennifer and Stuart!!!!!!!!!!! I´m so excited for you guys!!!!!!!! That's so GREAT!!!!!! Send me some pictures as soon as you can please!!!!!! I´m just so excited for you guys. And I noticed that the little girl´s name is Emma. It seems you beat Andy and Rachael to that name! But I´m so glad for you guys.
And Mom. I bet you're so happy that Seminary is over. I´m glad it finished up well. I always liked the last week of seminary. A little bit of nostalgia but really excited for the summer break at the same time. Perfect combination for really spiritual classes.
Dad, wow. You're great. Renovating a shower on top of everything. That's great. We just had ward conference here yesterday as well. It was great.
It seems like I think of a lot of things when I say- Oh i have to remember to talk about that in my email- but I forget them all.
The bread here is amazing. Our schedule is changing soon.

wake up 730
companionship study at 9
leave at 10
come back at 2
personal study at 3
language study at 4 leave at 5
home by 1030
bed by 1130

and someone please look up how hot 50 degrees Celsius is
what is 45 degrees to 50 degrees. because that's how hot it gets and I don't know Celsius
I love you all. May you all eat Nutella and read the scriptures. There is true happiness
Elder Kirkham

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