Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sevilla oh Sevilla
May 9, 2011

I just want to start off saying that I love the members here. SO much. They are awesome. Just great. And black people. I love black people a lot. They always like talking to missionaries. I also LOVE talking to my family. I was so happy yesterday to talk to you guys. Happy Mother´s Day otra vez. And also hearing wonderful news about Jennifer and Stuart!!! That's so exciting.
Today we are going to Cordoba -we´re going to la mesquita. Then were going to flood the streets of Cordoba with missionaries, well kind of not really. We´re going to help the Elders find more contacts. It will be good. Then tomorrow is Zone conference here in Sevilla. And my companion from the CCM will be staying with us and then be my temporary companion while our REAL companions go to Almeria to pick up Residency cards. Yay. I can´t wait to be a part of the European Union legally!!! So we´ll be companions for a few days. That will be fun.
We set a fecha this week (fecha=date) for one of our investigators. She´s working on her doctorate in Biology. It's a huge project. She´s been following and working on some crazy new idea (which I can´t understand in Spanish but it sounds pretty cool). So she's really busy but we´ve set a date for June 10th ¡¡¡yay!!!
Life is great. Life is hard. Its great because its hard and hard because its great. We met with a less active woman who was telling us her testimony. She had to lie to her mother (who was a member) so she could go to church. She´d rollerblade to the garage where they used to meet and go to church in her street clothes so her mom wouldn't find out. Still she had her testimony. She still has a testimony. She´s had a lot of troubles in her life (ex husband troubles) but she still has this amazing testimony of the gospel. We´re working with her to come to church. She wants to. I think SHE must feel embarrassed for what her husband did-that's my theory. So we´re just trying to show that we love her and that the Atonement can help her move on with her life for the better.
Oh I love being a missionary. The good times like that make it all worth it. The members who sacrifice so much to help us, to feed us, to help the church, to support their families, fulfill their callings. All that makes it WORTH it. It is HARD, but worth every second. I love the members here. I love the people here. I love the man who tries to tell our fortune in the street. I love the gypsies that follow us around for money. I love the man who yells in my face and tells me that God doesn´t exist- I love them because I know God DOES exist. That those people are important to Him, so they are important to me. That EVERY person is a child of God and has a purpose and a plan that extends far beyond our life here on earth. I KNOW this. I´m here because I KNOW this. I love my heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. They love us and give us the blessings of modern day prophets who help us to know God´s will, for the scriptures that also tell us God´s will. The Book of Mormon is true. Please read it. Please take the time to thank God, and to thank all those who have given their lives so we can enjoy the blessings and the knowledge of the Restored Gospel. I Know its true. That is my testimony and the truth and WHY I am here.
I love you all and I pray for you all Every day.
Elder Kirkham
Friends (all friends) who are at school please EMAIL me you addresses so I can send these letters. I´ve lost a lot of addresses. I don´t know where you are living after school has ended. Even if you think I know it just send it anyways please. I have letters. Megan Lewis I have NO address for you. Which troubles me I don´t know where it is. And BYU people I don´t know where you're living. I won't send you my address yet because we're trying to move but email me at
I wont email you back but I will receive your emails. Love you all
Elder Mateo

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