Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh MOM! I loved this last letter!!!!
I am so excited for everything that's happening. It's crazy (and of course true) that life keeps going on other places while I´m over here. Crazy different world. Different life. But so amazing. I love getting everyone's emails!!!! They make me so happy. Time is really a strange relative here. It doesn´t really measure in my head correctly. Its also CRAZY how easy it is to feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD and then so quickly so disapointed just a while later. We can have a GREAT lesson and feel so positive and then for whatever reason the world beats you down. But you struggle through the hard times to enjoy the happy ones. That is a huge lesson I´m learning.
This last PDay we went to Córdoba to la mesquita. Oh my GOSH. What an AMAZING building!!!!! Its this Moorish mosque that was taken over by the early Catholic Church and they put a HUGE cathedral in the center of this obviously Arabic-influenced building. WOW I think that's been the coolest thing I´v seen so far. We´re going today to the Catedral in Sevilla. I´m so excited. There's SO much to see here. MOM we MUST come back so you can see everything.
Also. There are gypsies EVERYWHERE. There this one woman who I feel so bad for her. She stands everyday outside of our piso and asks for money. And we´ve been told that we are NOT allowed to give money to anyone just because it can be dangerous if word gets out that the American missionaries have money... so that's the rule. And I mean we´ve seen her with beer and cigarettes anyways but I still feel so bad for her. There are SO many poor people where we live. It is so humbling and sad and makes me so grateful for what I have to see how people struggle so much, how some people have so little.
WE ARE ALSO MOVING PISOS!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The work in Sevilla is going GREAT!!!!
Wow its amazing. When I first got here, things were looking kind of grim to be honest (bright future, but not a lot of success at the start) we set the goal of having 6 baptism fechas (dates) by the end of the transfer. Good goal to work hard for. Two weeks later I was feeling disheartened, still only had 1 progressing investigator. This week. We have 6 progressing investigators ALL with REALLY good prospects towards baptism. It is amazing how the Lord works. I don´t want to sound like a crazy missionary who only cares about baptisms. I really care about these people. Loving these people is essential. I wouldn't work all this time for them if I didn´t care for them. We are truly seeing miracles here in Sevilla.
Its easy to feel discouraged. But the Lord has told us to have faith. Faith is a HOPE of things to come. Missionaries RUN on faith. I am so tired. Everyday. Honestly the only thing keeping me going is my love for the people and my faith that through our WORK the Lord will bless and change their lives.
I love being a missionary. This last week has FLOWN by. Honestly the first two weeks were SOOOOO long. But WOW. When you get into the work, you just GO.
I love all of you so much. You are so important! Please everyone who reads this know how IMPORTANT you are. You´re important to me. You are important to God.
Also please know that I KNOW that God lives. Jesus Christ Is our Savior. When times get tough He is there for us. Always. He WANTS us to come unto Him.
I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true. The words are true. The lessons we learn are true. The means by which it was written, preserved and translated for us today really occurred. If I could ask one thing from everyone it would be to please read the Book of Mormon. Read the introduction. Find a copy somewhere and read the introduction please. I love that Book so much. I want you all to know how long I spend EVERY DAY defending the sacredness of that Book. What missionaries ALL over the world have to go through, have to hear, and experience, the yelling, the gestures, the crimes. Everything for SOME BOOK? Only because I KNOW that its true. Just know how important it is to me. Its not just some book. I say this not to offend, or criticize, but to tell you all who I love; why I do what I do.
I love you all, I hope what I say hasn´t made anyone feel offended. You are all so important to me. I love you all. And I pray for all of you.
Elder Kirkham

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