Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 2, 2011
Dearest Mother and Family and Friends.
Greetings from..................................................¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡SEVILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I´m in Sevilla, my first area. Oh my gosh. Sevilla is amazing. There's 6 missionaries in Sevilla. There's 2 hermanas and 4 Elders. My trainer's name in Elder Fagersten and we live with Elder Stanley and Elder Walton (who was in the CCM with me). There's about 800,000 people in Sevilla (so I have been told). The city is huge. Not as big a Madrid but its still a city. We live in a po-dunk apartment. The walls are literally crumbling, the floor is broken, every surface is wet (from the humidity and rain) there's heavy bars on our windows, we heard gunshots last night, we have to avert our eyes if we leave the apartment-due to some interesting shops- we sleep in crickety old beds with almost no hot water, And I am SO happy to be here. I honestly love being a missionary. We live just down the street from the Chapel and a lot of investigators. Everything is great.
Spain is Flourishing!!! Whoever says you can´t baptize in Europe is WRONG!! An apostle (I´m sorry I don´t remember who) said that Spain is going to flourish now. Over the next few years the church is going to EXPAND!!!!! And starting in Spain the church is going to Start to REALLY spread through Europe. So exciting. Everyone is so excited!!!! The atmosphere is great here.
My second day here was spent on splits in Córdoba. (which is an amazing city and I really hope I get to go back there) so time was really scarce this week. Elder Fagersten and Elder Stanley are Zone leaders and have meetings and interviews and intercambios and everything. So now its me and Elder Walton in Sevilla. Our companions have left until Wednesday. Yikes. So please extra prayers for us while they're gone. We did manage to find our way home from the train station so we can read bus maps. We´ll be fine. If we have faith we will have the help of the Lord.
The work is literally growing. We have lots of future investigators, progressing investigators, and are probably going to set some baptisms this week. I LOVE being a missionary. So great. Its weird though because we got here in the middle of a transfer so, I really hope we don't get moved after 2 weeks. That would stink.
The members are so nice to us. I won´t give you an address because we´re trying to find a new piso (apartment) so I don´t want you to send letters to our old one. We have been told that we have the worst piso in the mission. (which I´m sure is still better that anything Andy lived in).
Andalusian is the HARDEST accent to understand. The Lord sent me here to REALLY make me learn and grow. Take Spanish (a new language) speed it up x10 and then take out the last 1/3 of every word. And there you have Andalusian accent. Oh my. I love this place so much. No joke. Every days I am just so grateful for this chance to teach people the gospel and get to know so many AMAZING people.
I love you all. Sorry this is a shorter email. Good things to come. I´m praying for you
Elder Kirkham

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