Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Un Dia en Madrid
Today in Madrid we were yelled at by a fat Spiderman. That, I believe was the highlight of my day. Just kidding. But we did get hollered and whistled at by an overweight superhero.
Spain is lovely as always. Lots of fun people to meet. Lots of crazy shops to see. So SO SO SO SO many people in Madrid. I am grateful that I´m not going to the Madrid mission. Put me in some remote town in the rolling hills of la Mancha. I can´t wait to get out into the field. Get away from dirty Madrid Metro. I don´t mean to be pessimistic at all. I seriously love being here but I really want to go to the mission. (and its just a fact that the Madrid metro is dirty). But I love Spain. I love the people here so much. I love the people who yell and cat call and all the other lovely things. Most people are nice to us actually. No one is blatantly rude. We´re just obviously a bunch of gringos in white shirts walking around.
Mom and Dad. You must go to Madrid. You must see the palace. You must see the Cathedral. Sol is amazing. So just start planning to come back right now. You have 2 years. I can´t believe its been two months! Wow. Crazy! The time is flying by. I´m already 1/12 of the way there. It will be sad when I have to leave. Well and happy to see you all. Maybe you all can just come to Spain? ¿Sí? Sí. Vale. Oh my. It's corrupting my speech. Everyone here says Vale. vale vale VALE!!!!! (va-lay is how you pronounce it by the way)
This week we had a Russian Elder here waiting for a visa to go through. Its been awesome. He´s been able to answer our questions about the mission field. (I should have said an American missionary who was serving in Russia) Yes. He´s cool. My English continues to ...oh dang...get worse. Oh my gosh. How ironic. My companion had to remind me how to say that (get worse)(it still sounds weird to me). That's too ironic. I decided to include that whole process for you to enjoy my stupidity in speaking English. My brain can only handle one language. I really could not remember how to spell that.
This week we ate REAL paella. Shells, rice, shrimpies with eyes and legs, tentacles etc. it was a real under the sea surprise. Also for lunch we ate the MOST delicious (my companion helped me spell that word) the most delicious fajitas today. So good. my companion and I had a dance party to some MoTab. (along with some other elders) It was fun.
The whole CCM thinks you´re Chilean. I try to explain to them that you LIVED in Chile but they don´t understand. So I go with it and let them think whatever they want. Weird Americans. Vale. vale vale vale.
I"ve been doing temple sessions in Spanish lately. Its kind of exciting. I´m understanding people a lot better every time. The problem is there are so many WEIRD accents in Madrid that I don´t understand. (yes I´m blaming the accents) its really me. I´m NOT buying souvenirs from Madrid. I´d rather find cooler stuff in Málaga. The Málaga mission is HUGE. Well its pretty big. Just the most diverse of the missions in Spain.
I only have 12 days left in Madrid. I´ll be sad but mostly excited to leave. The part of town where we live (Pavones) is kind of the poorer part of the city. But its nice because we meet lots of members who are here for the temple. ALL of the buildings are made with the SAME RED BRICKS. It's kind of cool, but at the same time anyways, its cool because there's red red red red WHITE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!! red red red red, so i like it. Madrid is also beautiful at night. The city is set up on hills so all the really tall buildings are all different levels. Its beautiful. I wish I could remember cool things. but I can´t. I love you. I´m trying to instill a desire to go to Spain in you guys.
But I am doing very well. This Week has been so good. I love being a missionary.
The gospel is true. I love you all. I pray for you all
Elder Kirkham

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