Friday, April 8, 2011

The French Invasion

I am tired today. I´ve been having a rough time sleeping the last couple of nights. I´ll write my REAL email later. A new district of French missionaries have come in this week. No one speaks French, they don´t speak Spanish, they kind of speak English, the translator apparently knows Spanish but doesn't understand when I speak to him. But he speaks English pretty well. The Italians have left. I miss them. Oh and the other Americans left too. And my dear Elder Wilkinson from Lovely old Leads England. jajaja He was so funny.

I just got 40 € hurray! (thank you padres for the money) I shall go see some lovely museum or buy some delicious candy. Oh my gosh Spanish candy is SOOOOOO good.

The most troubling food here is a lot of sea critters still have eyes or other distinguishable body parts. No me gusta.

I really hope you guys are reading ALL of the emails I´m sending (I get to send multiple emails on p-day) so make sure you read them all.

Conference was Amazing. This was our schedule.

Spain Time Utah Meeting
Saturday Afternoon Live Saturday Morning

Sunday Morning Priesthood

Sunday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon

Sunday Night Live Sunday Morning

Monday Morning Sunday Afternoon

And I switched off English and Spanish. We had it playing English, Spanish and Italian (in different rooms)

But since there was only one Native Spanish speaker I went and watched most of conference with him so he didn´t have to watch alone.

Oh and on our "grounds" we have the Temple, Stake center (separate building), our building which has: 1 floor-distribution center, 2nd/3rd floor apartments and hostel for temple workers and travelling temple patrons, 4th floor-CCM classrooms and offices, 5th floor- rooms (the kind that we live in) and 6th floor-comedor where we eat) and president´s room (where the president sleeps)

Well, I´ll tell you about more exciting things later.

love you all

Elder Kirkham (Kirjam pronounced keer-ham. I don´t know why they pronounce the American "h" and skip the "k" altogether. Whatever, that's my name here)

So this week the other two districts left. It was very sad but very exciting at the same time. General Conference was AMAZING!!!!!!! The Music was AMAZING. The talks were AMAZING! yes. It was a very good conference.

¡¡¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños!!!! to All those in April. Happy Birthday Sharlene. Happy Birthday Abe. Happy Birthday Jamie. Happy Birthday Megan. Happy Birthday to the others in April. (April is a busy month). Happy Birthday to you all, I love you all so much.

The stamp shortage continues. NO ONE HAS STAMPS!!!!!!!!!! We were supposed to get stamps yesterday but alas. Nada. So were praying that mañana the stamps will arrive. We haven´t been able to find anywhere to buy stamps. So I still have my fat stack of letters. They´re coming I promise They´re coming!!!!!!! I love you all so much. I promise it's the stamps I WANT to send them so bad. Today I went with my fake companion to the chiropractor (however you spell that) and I waited while his rib got put back into place.

There's now us 6 going to Malaga, 2 newbies going to Barcelona, 2 Elders from French Polynesia going to France, and an Elder and Sister from Belgium (yay for David and his Belgiumness) going to France as well. Things are pretty laid back here. We work but it feels like home. I love the president and his wife, they´re awesome. They remind me a lot of you guys (mom and dad). Sometimes President will just come into our class and answer any of our questions. It's so awesome.

I feel terrible about these letters. I´m trying hard to get them out.

It's getting harder, I´m getting antsier to leave for the field. I like Madrid, but all the people are city people. It's just a different mindset. I can´t wait to start serving the people in Málaga (area). I tried sending pictures. I hope they will work. I love the temple. I love being a missionary. I am just SO HAPPY. I love the gospel. I love the Lord. I am so grateful for the sacrifice and love of Jesus Christ.

This week, I have just been so tired. I don´t know why. There's nothing really that exciting that has happened this week. I love you all. I´m praying for you all. Please know that I love you and that you are so important to me. This work is so important. The Gospel makes us happy. Families are so important. I love you all so much.

Elder Kirkham

Love you SO SO SO SO SO much.

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