Thursday, April 21, 2011

Euro Fresh!

That's right. I am now Euro Fresh. I have been running dangerously low on deodorant (a really scary thing) so we went to Al Campo. It's the equivalent of Wal Mart on Steroids. It was so amazingly large. Anyways, I was looking for deodorant, and I couldn´t find anything. I was wandering the beauty section for about 8 minutes. And of course I don´t know the word for deodorant nor did I want to try to explain with gestures to a sales associate that I am looking for something to put in your arm pits, however finally I found it. There was 1 row of roll-on deodorant in the ENTIRE STORE!!!!!! and it cost almost 5€. Down trodden, I was about to leave empty handed when I spied a very hip, VERY Spanish guy come up and grab.....SPRAY ON DEODORANT!!!!!! I found the answer. Oh my gosh. We have it ALL wrong. This stuff isn´t like AXE body spray. Its Deodorant. It works SOOOOOOOOO nice. I encourage everyone to partake. So yes, now I am "Euro-Fresh". Every morning I ask my companion, ¿what am I ? to which he replies, "you´re euro-fresh".
Me and my companion also have been teaching a REAL investigator this week. Last Thursday during simulations, my companion had gone on a split to go mail a letter, and he was LATE. And I was freaked out. So I sat down and started talking to this man we're going to teach. Of course it never crossed my mind that he wasn´t a member. So finally when my companion showed up I started explaining his "character" as the progressive investigator and he just looked at me so strangely. No one had told us that he was NOT a member. I felt so embarrassed. But we taught him, mostly answering questions and talking about the Book of Mormon. And then we asked if we could teach him the next night as well, so we did. It was incredible. I cannot wait to be out in the field SO SOON!!!!!! The ward missionaries are teaching him now. Hurray. I love the gospel.
but I felt like such an idiot when I just started talking about the simulation. Oh well.
This week has also been taken up by a French news station making a documentary on "a day in the life of a missionary" or something like that. It's a really huge opportunity for the Church in France and Europe. The Church is really obscure in France and Salt Lake and the Area Authorities have been working for a while on getting this approved. So yay for the Church. The Gospel is true.
Holy week in Spain is a BIG deal. We went into Sol today. EVERYTHING was closed. A few stores IN the plaza were open but everything else was closed. It was a nice day. Not too many people. And we met about 12 members while we were out. It was a good day. But this week, has been such a humbling experience. Reading about the life of the Savior this week has been so great. Tonight is recognized as the night Christ performs the atonement.
I am so grateful. I have no words to express my gratitude for my Savior. For His love and Sacrifice for each one of us. Jesus Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, so we can have peace and joy. I only wish that everyone would take some time this week to ponder on the love that Christ has for each of us. The sacrifice that encompasses all, but is directed to the individual.
This week we will sing "This is the Christ". Here are some of my favorite lines in the song:
I read his words, the words he prayed
while bearing sorrow in Gethsemane
I feel his love, the price He paid
How many drops of blood were spilled for me
With Saints of Old in joyful cry
I too can testify
This is The Christ
That's what I am here to do. I am here in Spain to testify of Christ. I cannot express the significance of Jesus Christ in my life.
My wish is to take a few minutes and think about how blessed we are. Think about the Love the Savior has for us.
I love you all, I am so happy.
On Tuesday, I will be going to the South and I will be dedicating ALL of my time to helping others come to Christ. What a great work this is.
I pray for all of you. I love all of you. And I pray for you all daily.
Vaya con Dios
Elder Kirkham

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