Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Week of Miracles!

Cómo están?
This week has been full of Milagros!!!! (miracles) Thank you so much Mom and Dad for the cookies!!!!!!!!! I've been told to send you muchos abrazos from my district. (I shared them with everyone) Thank you Jennifer for my lovely imaginary piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Fue delicioso! Thank you for all the lovely pictures and letters! They literally mean the world to me (they're the only contact with the outside world that I have). It's strange to think that I was supposed to be on a plane to Madrid right now (seriously at this moment) but I am SO grateful for the time I have here. I love it here so much! I seriously cannot believe how QUICK we are learning. Its so scary how often I forget English words!!!!! (when we do revert back to English) Its crazy, sometimes I have to explain something to my companion in English and I FORGET the words!!!!!!! I'm going to be like ANDY!!!!!! jajaja My point is its weird to learn the gospel and how to be a missionary in a new language because sometimes I have no idea what to say to my companion in English.
2 of the Elders in my district are leaving for the Guatemala CCM today. That means that companionships are going to be changed. So I might have new companion(s) later tonight. They're going to have to redo a lot because we're so spaced out with companions and rooms. So I probably will be moving tonight as well. Today at the Temple after our session we helped fold laundry and one of the workers saw our "La Iglesia de Jesucristo" (Spanish) badges and immediately started talking to us in Spanish. AND I UNDERSTOOD!!!!!!!!!! (most of it) But I could talk to him and understand what he was saying!!!!!! So there is hope for me to understand native speakers. OH! and I forgot. Last week I was on one of the bikes during gym and I started talking to the Elder next to me and he said my accent was REALLY GOOD. And that I sounded like a native from España!!!! That lifted my spirits!!!!!!! And mom my district (AND TEACHER!) joke about my accent. We were in TRC (teaching resource center) and I asked my teacher what to say if our investigators ask if I'm from Spain (because while roll playing I thought it would be weird to say "I'm GOING to Spain") and he told me to stop using the accent. I told him I couldn't. And he said try. SO I said try using it! and he laughed (I love him, he just laughs at my accent).
Ok I can't wait any longer. I'm meeting with the consulate next week for my VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Es el milagro de esta semana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i guess I'll have some kind of interview with him and I don't know how long after that I'll be able to leave. But I will go to España!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if someone can research that, that would be great because I really have no idea whats going on or what I have to do) So I am seeing miracles in the MTC! It really is a miracle. The group I came in with (who are not even in my branch i don't understand) who are going to Spain are also meeting with the consulate so the paperwork is at least CLOSE! (I think)
That's my greatest miracle. Every day my own testimony increases and grows. This IS God's work. This is not my work, I am a servant and an instrument in the hands of God. What an Incredible blessing to be trusted with the salvation of souls. I am forever in debt to my Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him I would be nothing. The scripture about losing yourself in the work in order to find yourself is TRUE. God can do SO much more with me than I could ever do on my own. I am VERY blessed in my life. I am blessed with my testimony and knowledge of the Restored Gospel that I have a DUTY and CRAVING to bring to others. I am blessed with all of YOUR love and prayers. I am honored and blessed to know every single one of you who read this. It is together with YOUR love and God's love that has shaped me into who I am today, and I know will continue to shape me. Please pray for the people of Spain. Pray for me please, to be able to find those who are searching for God's love. I pray for you ALL EVERY MORNING, EVENING, MEAL; ALL DAY long I pray for you all. I love you all so much. The Gospel is True. The Gospel Will change our lives. Jesus Christ will change our lives. I love being a missionary. And I love you.
Elder Kirkham

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