Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I got my VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh its crazy. I was out with my companion (who is awesome by the way-we just got placed with each other last Tuesday) and our roommates came and found us and said Elder Kirkham needed to go to the Travel office right away. And I did a dance for joy! Oh the joyous joy that was in that dance. I met with the consulate (who coincidentally is a professor at UVU) and he gave us our visas. It was SO WEIRD to first drive through Provo, then walk through UVU hallways with 4 other missionaries. I honestly didn't know what to do and I know I had such a scared look on my face. I honestly cannot meet anyone in English. I cannot have small talk in English. I have to think SO hard when I meet someone new who doesn't speak Spanish. Its crazy. I am so scared to go to Spain. So excited but SORE afraid tambien. I'm going to be listening to General Conference in Spanish in a week and a half or so. That's crazy. None of the other Elder's in my travel group know any Spanish. I was surprised by that. I think the consulate liked me because I was wearing my Gryffindor tie (which also happen to be the Spain colors) and I spoke to him in Spanish with my "th"eta. He was so coolio. anyways. I bet you're dying to hear WHEN I LEAVE????
I leave TOMORROW!!!!!!!! Ya! I leave Wednesday morning at 11:00. Family here's my itinerary I don't know when I'll call home but I will sometime while I'm waiting at the airport.
Salt Lake 11:10 AM - Atlanta 4:46 PM (Atlanta time)
Atlanta 6:45 PM- Madrid!!!!!!!!!! 8:15 AM (oh my airplane)
I probably will call when I'm in Atlanta waiting. My call "should not take longer than 5 minutes". So I don't have a lot of time to hear your lovely voices but I do get to say hello. Its going to be hard to leave my district. I love my district so much. I love my companion, he's awesome. (he's like 5'4, and a crazy gymnast and does flips and jumps off the bed and whatever else) Ya I'm going to be really sad to leave him after only a week.
Blessings always come! That's what my message is this week to you all. Blessings COME!!!! ALWAYS!!! Almost never when WE think is best, but this last week has been the best week so far here. I know that the Lord allowed me to stay this extra week. I have learned SO much. Received SO many answers to prayers. And been sooooooo unbelievably happy! My English is suffering more than it used to. ( I just wrote a really weird sentence which made no sense-and then deleted it) Sorry friends I write as fast as I can. Please know I love you.
To my Family- I love you ALL. Every one of you. I think about every one of you daily. I Pray for every one of you daily. You are the most important people in my life. Dad, I know I never respond to your letters, but they are SUCH a strength to me. Thank you so much. Jennifer and Stuart- I pray for you every day. I pray that you will find YOUR family, YOUR children, you both are awesome. One of the greatest messages I'm going to teach is how happy we can be with our families, and what a great blessing they are to us. Andy and Rachael and the profetitos (little prophets-I thought that was funny) I love you so much. I laugh every time I see Abe's drawing. jajajaja see I'm laughing now. Sharlene and JT and Kaylin I hope you guys are SOOOOo happy. You guys are so blessed, I'm so blessed to have you guys, I love you so much, and pray that the Lord continues to bless you. Craigery- you're awesome. Just awesome. I love you. I honestly think about you a lot and REALLY wish I had your address (and more time to write) keep up ALL the great work youre doing. I love you so much. Seek the things of God and you will ALWAYS find blessings. Daniel- I hope you're watching plenty of adventure time and fish hooks. jaja. I randomly remember so many clamantha jokes. Keep up the good work in school. You're a smarty arty orange. And the last word for mother- I love you. You and Dad, I cannot thank you enough for all that you've done for me. For helping me become the person I am today. I honestly can never repay you. You mean the world to me. Thank you x100.
I love you all. Para siempre Dios este con vos.
Elder Kirkham

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