Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Madrid

Que guay! Wow Madrid is crazy! So much everywhere. It's so strange because the buildings ALL look the same. They are all made with the same red brick, and I mean EVERY building. But we walked into la gaia and WOW. so much stuff. So much music bright sings awesome crazy cool fashion. Its awesome. I am a little more awake since my last email. I´m about to crash. I´m getting used to 24 hour clock. The food we had for lunch was AMAZING!!!!!! SO good. I´ve discovered that the more traditional "Spaniards" are WAY easier to understand. Than those who use more Hispanic accents. Oh my jajaja los Itlianos are so funny. I also have realized that the Elders in my district don´t know any Spanish.
Well I love you. I´ll talk to you in a week. I love Spain. I love you all.
Elder Kirkham

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