Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm in Spain!

Bienvenidos de España!

Oh my! Wow! I never want to leave here! While we were flying over Spain I just sat and thought, How lucky I am. I have been so blessed in all my life. It was sad to leave my district behind, I´ll miss them a lot. Typing on a Spanish keyboard is strange. It's the same layout just the side keys are different. The CCM en Madrid es tan Maravilloso! Wow. We live in one building right next to the temple. There are only 20 missionaries (give or take) here right now. Me and my new companion live in a 6 person room all to ourselves. So much space. Today (Thursday) is my new P Day. We get to go INTO the city! Yes. We aren´t stuck behind the fence anymore. It's so strange to be here. There´s about 8 Americanos y about 9 Italianos right now. I think they are leaving soon. I believe next week we will be getting a French group. This MTC is so amazing. They circulate Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese groups. Right now (like I said) there's an Italian group. Wow. I didn't know how similar Italian y Spanish are. Amazing. and NO TIME LIMIT FOR EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so free here. Everyone is so nice. All the classrooms, the president´s office, the "chapel" are on the same floor. Everyone here knows each other. I have been told that they also circulate the language for the temple sessions. Today was in Italiano. Next week will be in English (so I have been told).

A lady on the plane today was complaining to me in Spanish, that the lady in front of her was making her cold because her air was aimed right at her. She was trying to ask me to tell her in English to turn off her air. The flight attendant then told her that she could move to a different seat. Thank you flight attendant.

Oh and I love that there is a key for ñ. So nice. it's weird and different to type but I´m sure I'll get the hang of it.

We might go out into the city today. I am starting to get really tired. So maybe not. They´re letting us go to bed at 7 tonight. Bless their souls. And people use "th"eta´s here. I´m so happy. I love it here. I think I'll just send my mission president an email NOW asking him to extend my call. Apparently tomorrow we are playing futbol, Americanos versus Italianos. So, pobre americanos. I cannot play for my life.

The rooms, facilities (I think that's how you spell it) are so nice. I do NOT mind being here for 5 weeks. The language is slightly overwhelming. ok pretty overwhelming, but I can pick out a lot. Italian sounds really funny. It sounds like Spanish speakers speaking how we americanos make fun of Italian accents. So I guess we´re pretty dead on.

Oh to my friends I have SOO many letters to send out. I have a HUGE stack that I didn't have time to send before I came. So please hang tight. They´re coming. To Jana especially I think I have 4 letters for you that I have no idea where they crawled away from me. But somehow I never sent them. So please don´t think that I hate you. I don't know why it's always YOUR letters that run away. And I love your letters Jana. I feel so bad that I haven´t sent them. And I feel so bad to everyone else whose letters escape me. Wow. I cannot speak English. The hermano who picked us up from the airport asked me how to say a word in English. I knew the Spanish word....I´ll probably be worse than Andy when I come home.

I just reread this email and realized how scatter brained it is. Oh well. And I use terrible Spanglish, but I won't change anything. And this keyboard is actually REALLY hard to use. maybe because I´m typing in English. Oh no I feel myself pouring out my train of thought. My tiredness won´t let it stop.. Oh The word was population. I remember.

Sorry mom that our call at the airport got cut. I love you. Oh no my head is spinning.

But basically Spain is the most beautiful country I´ve ever seen. The MTC president speaks English. How nice, but not really. Ok it will be good. I don´t know what to type since there´s no doomsday clock ticking away my future. Oh and the MTC just gave me 25€. I don't know what for. I feel really bad for whoever reads this. I love you all. Tengo mucho miedo predicar en el parque el sabado. I hope I'm ready. it's so funny how many people in the airport were nice to us. There was a man in Atlanta that guided us to a table to eat our panda express. he set it all up for us. It's nice to meet nice people. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted (meeting nice people) just kidding well I mean it was nice but I´ll meet more nice people. I wish the Italianos were staying longer. I don´t understand French at all.

I love you. I probably won´t be able to send a lot of mail. I´ll try to do specific shoutouts for pressing information. Oh and Megan I have a letter for you!!!! I have to find out how to send mail.

Well again I love you all. I´m off to go pretend to function. We probably won´t go into the city today. Alright I love you.

7 more hours. nooooooooooooooo

I love you, Elder Kirkham (everyone says keerkam) jajaja

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