Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Gospel is true and Blesses Families

Hola Familia!
Wow. I cannot believe its been 2 weeks! It seems like I've been here for SO much longer for that. Thank you EVERYONE!!!!! for your letters AND PICTURES!!!!! (please send me more drawings I love them (Amy, Abe, and Erika)) and everyone else, letters here are like Christmas!!! DearElder.com is so easy to use and makes such a difference in my days.
Prospects don't look affirmative for my visa, but I really don't care. I'll go wherever I'm supposed to go and I love it here anyways. (and a few extra weeks learning Spanish will be VERY much appreciated) Every day the intercom reads out names of missionaries to go to the travel office for visa information and papers and such and we all (my district) cross our fingers and yell out "Elder Mateo" (which is what they call me when we're not in class because my name is supposed to be Elder KIRKHAM) haha. I love my district. Two of my good buddies in my district were just called to Zone Leaders. CRAZY!
I have a small request, it might sound selfish but I really don't have much time to email. Its difficult to read and respond in 30 minutes (crazy right?) but it's true. So familia who is emailing me, if you could use DearElder.com to email me (I receive them as hard copies) that would give me SOOOO much extra time to reply thoroughly. These computers don't have spell check (because missionaries use so many different languages) so I'm sorry if i spell things wrong.
Me encanta la idioma de Español! Oh my, Spanish makes SOOOO much sense! Finally last night after SOOOOOOOO many prayers, my companions and I got through to our progressive investigator!! I feel like we finally overcame the language barrier (don't get me wrong, i really don know Spanish yet) but we DEFINITELY were finally able to teach her, and about the Atonement too!!! I know we had the help of the Lord. Its so strange/awesome, that even with our "investigators" (our teachers) I feel so much love for them. I want SO desperately to help them and care about their problems in their lives.
My district (because we're "intermediate") is so diverse. I'm the only one in my ZONE/BRANCH who is going to Spain. Some are going to EEUU (united States) there's 2 going to Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and me to Spain. My companions (2, we're a trio) are going to Baton Rouge and Chile. Don't worry Mom, everyone makes fun of me for using la zeta (lisp). I wish I could send you pictures but I can't email them. If I have time I'll print some out and send them in the mail.
We went to the temple today. Always amazing. I've seen like 5 or 6 people from my BYU wards. My classroom is in one of the old buildings, smells like vinegar and has no central air, but is still AMAZING! I cannot believe how much we learn in that little room!
I love all of you. Thank you thank you! for your awesome letters, please keep them coming and I will reply to you ASAP (i can only write on Tuesdays) but I get mail everyday.
The Gospel is TRUE and blesses families!! I know that that is true. Jesus Christ will bless us and our families.
I Love you all
Elder (Mateo) Kirkham

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