Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Companions, food and fire hoses--first week in the MTC

Familia y amigos!

Oh my gosh! Its so crazy to 1.speak in English and 2. use a computer. Oh my gosh! la CCM (MTC en espanol) es incredible!!! All of my classes, Church, conversations etc. son en espanol! Yo no creo! It is HARD WORK but i already am noticing the blessings that I'm receiving. I am in a trio companionship with Elder Pope y Elder Call. Its difficult sometimes because there's 2 other people to keep track of ALL THE TIME!!!! But we get along fine. Because there's 3 of us its only us three in our room which was obviously added on because it its the only room that has wooden walls. And its super pequeno. Oh I have to mention one of the funniest phrases I've learned is "hechar un pedo" which literally means "to throw a fart". Sorry mom.
The food here....well, the food I eat is good. I pretty much stick to fruit and yogurt for breakfast, wraps (thank goodness) for lunch, and salad and the most appetizing entree for dinner. And I get ALL the diet coke I want. (caffeine free claro)(I mean of course, I wish you could see the process of me typing this letter because I keep typing en espanol but then catch myself and go back). The language is hard. Right off the bat we started hablando en espanol. The first thing we learned to do was pray. How appropriate. Truly that is the most important thing to learn because if we have the help of the Lord, everything else will be taken care of.
There are a lot of sayings here at the CCM (MTC). The ones I've found to be most true are "the days go by like weeks, and the weeks go by like days" and "drinking out of a spiritual firehose". I cannot believe its only been a week that I've been here, but at the same time, I feel like there is so much to accomplish while I'm here. There is so much to learn. We are truly bombarded daily with an amazing explosion of the gospel. One of my favorite phrases for real is "asistir a iglesia" which is used to say "to go to church". We say that we go to church, pero en espanol we build up and asist the church. I think that is so cool.
Today (Tuesday) is my P Day. My district went to the temple today. I love the temple. Luckily we did NOT go to the Spanish session. I'm currently in a WEIRD place because I am NOT used to speaking English, already I'm forgetting words, but I definitely am NOT fluent en espanol. So I'm in some strange in between place.
Oh my do I love sleep. being a missionary is HARD WORK, getting up at 6:30 and going to bed at 10:30 is hard, but the blessing completely and utterly out measure the trials. I couldn't imagine doing ANYTHING ELSE and be as happy as I am doing the Lord's work. Please ALWAYS be kind to the missionaries. I cannot explain or stress HOW IMPORTANT the gospel is in our lives. I know that as we come closer to God, he will bless us. Always. When we are tossed about on the waves of life and it seems like God has forsaken us, we must realize that the waves are to keep us safe as we pass over the rocks below. I love you all. please keep the letters coming.
Elder Kirkham

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